An Abu Dhabi Man Ended Up In A Hospital After Receiving Incessant Phone Calls From A Bank Agent

The agent wouldn't stop calling

Abu Dhabi Man Hospital

An Abu Dhabi man recently had to be hospitalised after a bank's debt collecting agent wouldn't stop calling him.

As per a report by Emarat Al Youm, the Arab agent was calling the man more than 20 times an hour regarding the loan owed to the bank.

On the day when the man collapsed, the agent was calling him non-stop. After he had stopped replying to his calls, the agent called the man from his personal number until an ambulance paramedic answered his call.

He informed the agent that the man in question had collapsed in a public area because of a high blood pressure condition brought on by his non-stop calls.

The victim initially pressed charges against the bank agent but later waived the case.

The agent's defense included witnesses from the bank as well as a letter from his manager stating that he was merely doing his job.

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