ATTENTION: Four UAE Roads Are Having Their Speed Limits Changed To 140kmph From TODAY

New speed limit alert!

Abu Dhabi Roads Speed Limit Change

Attention drivers...several key roads in Abu Dhabi are having their speed limits changed to 140kmph effective from today, December 2.

The announcement was made by the Abu Dhabi police and entails the speed limit increased to 140kmph....but WITHOUT speed buffer.

The following roads have been affected by the speed limit change:

  • Sweihan-Al Hayer Road (E20) from Zayed Military City roundabout to Truck Road intersection (E75)
  • Sweihan-Al Hayer Road (E20), from Truck Road intersection (E75) to Al Hayer
  • Al Ajban-Al Saad Road (E16), from Al Ajban Palace roundabout to Al Saad
  • Al Ain-Al Qou' (E95)

The decision was made seeing the traffic density and road size in mind

According to the police, the decision to change the speed limit came after several studies were undertaken to learn about accident indicators.

New speed limit signs will be placed along the routes.

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Nikita Mukherjee

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