Update Your Bucket List: Louvre Abu Dhabi Is Now Offering Kayak Tours At The Museum And It Looks INCREDIBLE

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If you haven't been to Louvre Abu Dhabi yet (seriously, what's up with that!), now is the time to rectify the situation.

Louvre Abu Dhabi, in all its splendour, is branching out by offering kayak tours in the Arabian Sea around the museum.

Seriously, you get to marvel at Louvre's stunning roof and equally amazing architecture from a completely different perspective, and you must get on board, like pronto.

These one-hour tours are being run by watersports company Sea Hawk ONLY on Fridays and Saturdays between 10am and 5.30pm.

Worried about kayaking on your own?

The best bit about this adventure is that no prior kayaking experience is required as you’ll be joined by an instructor.

Children aged six to 12 have be accompanied by a parent, and the entire tour costs AED 120 per person.

So, strap your lifejacket, grab on the paddle and enjoy this unique experience.

Book tickets here.

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