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5 Reasons To Go For A Stroll At This Breathtaking New Mangrove Park In Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi peeps, the Qurum Walkway is well and truly underway and is now open to the public to enjoy.

If you’ve yet to see or hear about this, it’s basically the new Mangrove Park at Al Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi that looks as peaceful as that scene of the house in The Notebook. Whether or not you’re familiar with that rom-com reference, visiting this new spot out is something you should keep in mind.

And here are a couple of reasons why…

Image Credits: Abu Dhabi Media Office 

1. It’s picturesque, definitely an added bonus for a bucket list of places to see in the UAE

You know you want to.

2. Nature-lovers will never want to leave

Greenery, the water, a boardwalk that shows you the lush natural landscape of the mangroves. It’s something else.

3. The space is huuuuge

No really, the huge boardwalk is part of an AED5 billion Mangrove Walk Project, and it covers over a million square ft of the Mangrove National Park.

You can find it between Yas Island and Saadiyat Island.

5. It’s a good place to enjoy peace, silence and be one with your thoughts

And with the eventful 2020, we’ve all already endured, who doesn’t need a good minute or two to unwind?


Qurum Walkway at Al Jubail Island is open to everyone from 8 am-630pm

Go, go, go!

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