In Other News: A UAE Man Has Been Jailed (And Fined) For Calling His Fiancée "Idiot" On WhatsApp


Uae Man Jailed For Calling Fiancee Idiot

Residents who aren't familiar with the UAE's strict cybercrime laws....let this be a reminder!

An Abu Dhabi court recently sentenced a young GCC national for 60 days in jail and fined him AED20,000.

His crime?

The man had sent his fiancée a message calling her an 'idiot' (habla in Arabic) on WhatsApp.

According to a report on Emarat Al Youm, the man claimed in court that he used the word in a joking manner, but the woman took it as an insult and filed a court complaint against him.

Sending anything offensive on social media is considered a cybercrime in the UAE

You can be jailed and fined AED250,000 up to AED1 million for offending anybody in the country.

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