300k Views And We're Only Getting Started!

Unbelievable Response From Launch On 1st September

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What is Lovin Dubai?

Is it like the other 'things to do in Dubai websites', food websites, or City discovery websites? Is it the 'place to go for what's trending', like the news websites? Lovin Dubai is mixture of all the above. It's for the people of the City right now, as we wrote at the very beginning.

Since the launch on the 1st of September, one month ago there has been almost 300,000 individual sessions on the site. This is so much higher than we originally anticipated. We'd like to share this success with you, our readers. We set out to create a unique voice for Dubai, to navigate the buzz of the cities, the mix of cultures, and to give an honest opinion of the cuisine in our city. As we all discover more and more of this city day by day, we are on this journey together.


They Said It Is A Cluttered Market

The number of times people have said, 'great idea, pity you didn't do it two years ago?' Really? Is there a fresh digital publication that is giving an honest account of this city? .Show it to me? 'What about Timeout?' They would say. Please, it was a great print magazine 10 years ago. Even still, the stats on that site are not much greater than ours after a month and they've been around for years. 'But look, Shortlist is launching.' Yes, it did, and while it has picked up, it only had 10k monthly uniques at the start. Anyway, we didn't launch Lovin Dubai to compete, there is room for more, because it isn't a cluttered market. The restaurant scene, on the other hand, maybe a bit cluttered! But we will guide you through the numerous choices!

What's Next

Just like this City, we don't plan on standing still. We have lots of exciting plans and announcements to make over the coming weeks and months:

  • Our Chief Friend will officially join the ranks
  • We will be brinigng on board a new Senior Editor
  • Our first Lovin Dubai Presents 'Series of Talks' will take place
  • Lovin Dubai Brunch Club will kick off
  • Details of the inaugural Lovin Dubai Live Show 2016 will be announced

All that, plus full RAW, HONEST, coverage of all the events coming up in Dubai as the 'busy season' really kicks off. Not to mention all the usual reviews, best of and opinion pieces of the city we love!

Written By

Richard Fitzgerald

Rich is a media fiend who hasn't been seen without an iPhone in hand since 2007. With a passion for all things health and fitness, what he lacks in hair he more than makes up for in creativity. As the founder of Lovin Dubai, he's our fearless leader.