It Looks Like A 5-Day Break For Eid Al Adha Is On Its Way

Any reason to holiday


If the thought of the weekend being quite close gets you happy then our news will make you very happy.

We've just heard that Eid Al Adha, the second Eid (also known as Sacrifice Feast), could very likely fall around the weekend this year making it a long break for the private and public sector.

Since the Islamic calendar is based on moon sighting, the UAE and Saudi Arabia moon-sighting committees will meet on 1 September to announce Haj and Eid dates. 

Eid Al Adha holidays usually begin on the day of Arafat which is a day before Eid

If Arafat Day will be marked on Sunday, 11 September, then the private sector could have a five-day break (including the weekend) from 9 September to 13 September.

However, if Arafat Day will be marked on Saturday, 10 September, then the private sector will probably have a four-day break (including the weekend) from 9 September to 12 September. 

There will be a dry night as well...

If the moon sighting committee announces the first day of Eid Al Adha as 10 September, then bars, restaurants and hotels probably won't serve alcohol from that evening until sunset on the following day. And the same licensing restrictions will apply if Eid Al Adha is announced for 11 September.

Note: the above is dependent on the moon sighting committee's announcement.

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