A Dubai 17-Year-Old Just Made History At The Drones For Good Competition

He designed his drone to help people in fires

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Dubai-based 17-year-old, Dhruv Karthik has just become the youngest-ever finalist in the Drones For Good competition. 

Karthik beat out hundreds of teams of university professors, graduate students, and robotics professionals, and was selected as the only individual finalist, and entrant from the UAE in the competition. 

This means he will be in the finals on February 17 and 18, battling it out to win AED1 million prize money. 

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At just 17 years of age, Karthik designed his drone, Firefly which was inspired by the fires at The Address Downtown Dubai on New Year's Eve in 2015. 

His drone is designed to search apartments during fires for stranded people. 

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