A fire has broken out in Sharjah University car park

Cause is said to be a car that "exploded"

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A fire has broken out at the Sharjah University women's car park. The blaze, which started at approximately 11.30 am is said to have been caused by a car exploding in the parking lot. According to police, 19 cars are said to have been engulfed by the flames.

"A car exploded in the parking lot and the fire has consumed around 30 cars so far"

Sahar Abdul Majid, Sharjah University employee

Thankfully, as far as we're aware, there have been no reported injuries and fire fighters are currently on the scene in order to contain the blaze.

Twitter user iValenciaCF was at the scene and posted this video to his Twitter account:

Screen Shot 2016 02 21 At 12 58 32

Photo Credit: 7 days

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