AED 1,000 fine and 12 black points if you're caught eating or drinking while driving in Dubai

Or applying make-up, reading papers or using your mobile phone!

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Ever grabbed a quick McDonalds on the go and eaten it in the car? Or maybe touched up your blusher while you were driving to work...yeah, you have.

Well, no more! Drivers caught eating while driving will be fined up to AED 1,000 and have 12 black points added to their record...oops!

A new traffic law across the UAE (as part of a police campaign to reduce accidents) will enforce the no food or drink law as well as stopping and fining anyone caught applying make-up, reading papers, or using their phone while driving. The exact fine will be determined by the police officer that stops be nice!

Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, Assistant Police Commander-in-Chief for Operations in Dubai said: "All these offences will be classified under one offence involving failure by the drivers to concentrate on the road by getting busy with other things.

“The new law also involves impounding the offender’s car if it is proved that the offence endangered human lives,” he added.

So, breakfast and make-up done before you leave the house guys!

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