Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Road will soon be one-way only

And there's changes afoot to improve traffic issues on Sheikh Zayed Road too...

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The idea of turning two busy roads into one-way systems might sound like a traffic nightmare waiting to happen, but we're being assured these changes will actually make things better.

The RTA has revealed that as part of a traffic improvement plan, both Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Road will soon have one-way traffic, with each road having four lanes. 

The traffic on Al Wasl Road will flow towards the direction of Jebel Ali/Abu Dhabi and Jumeirah Road will flow in the direction of Bur Dubai.

It's not clear when the plan will be rolled out, but it's likely that the project will be implemented once the Dubai Canal is ready.

The other traffic improvement projects include a new system to clear post-accident traffic quicker on Sheikh Zayed Road, if successful, it will be trialled on other roads around Dubai too.

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