An Iconic Building Has Just Popped Up In City Walk And Here's What You Need To Know About It

Other than it looks good

City Walk

If you've visited City Walk recently then you would have definitely spotted this pretty impressive structure.

It's not just another beautiful building to Dubai's architecture resume. It is the region's first bio-dome, The Green Planet, which opens next month.

The building has received the global LEED certification...

It's basically designed as an enclosed ecosystem that allows visitors to explore the planet’s flora and fauna through an immersive journey into the tropics. 

City Walk

Pic credit: Salman Saeed

It recreates a tropical forest...

Expect more than 3,000 plants including a man-made and life-sustaining tree. By the way, at 25m, it will be the world's largest indoor tree.

It's a great educational trip...

Through various exhibitions held there, you will understand nature and one of the world's oldest living ecosystems better. Doesn't that make it an ideal venue for all ages? It defo does!

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