Motorists In Dubai Have Been Given A Warning About Safety During Ramadan


The Holy Month of Ramadan is back and from what we've learned in the past, some people tend to get a little impatient on the road. Hence, the Dubai Police' warning as caution, asking motorists to avoid speeding when the Iftar hour is near-approaching.

Aside from refraining from speeding, the Dubai Police have also added that people comply with the road rules throughout this entire month.

After all, Ramadan is the month of tolerance, patience and self-control.

Traffic patrols will be keeping a close eye on the traffic during Iftar hours

In an official statement by the Dubai Police, Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, the director of the General Directorate of Traffic in Dubai Police, said that the traffic will be controlled while ensuring that peoples' safety. Worshippers who are entering and exiting mosques will also be helped to move with ease.

No need to hurry home to Iftar, since police patrols will be distributing meals at sunset

...right before the Al-Maghrib prayer.

How thoughtful.

The Dubai Police will be giving awat iftar meals to those driving, workers and the needy at sunset before Al-Maghrib prayer.

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