An Open Response To The Hundreds Of Applications For Lovin Dubai's 'The GREATEST JOB EVER'

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Many of you guessed it, while others did not, but yesterday's announcement for the role of Lovin Dubai Ambassador, which also happens to be THE GREATEST JOB EVER, was an April Fool's prank.

With perks including a complimentary Porsche Turbo worth AED 1.2million, the opportunity to MC for the biggest events like Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens and your own Anytime Access Emirates First Class ticket, the LD DMs were in overdrive with people keen for the role.

Your amazing responses won't go unheard

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The response to this post was huge. Lovin Dubai received hundreds of applications in just a few hours, many from residents who touchingly detailed their love for Dubai, and who sounded like they could NAIL the role, given the opportunity.

So, while the dream 'Lovin Dubai Ambassador' role with a monthly AED1million salary may be beyond our reach, your amazing response has given us an idea for an ambassador role for Lovin Dubai - watch this space!

April Fool's Day: A roundup of Lovin Dubai's pranks listed by year

The one day of the year publishers have fun with news; here are LD's pranks over the last couple of years.

2016 - EXCLUSIVE: Burj Al Arab is to set sail

When Lovin Dubai revealed the 'secret expansion plans that the iconic Burj Al Arab would become a mobile hotel'.

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2017 - ANNOUNCEMENT: Lovin Dubai Website Is Closing Down And Rebranding As A Dating App

When Lovin Dubai spotted a gap in the dating market and decided to try its luck in the dating business by launching as a rival to Tinder.

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2018 - JUST IN: Lovin Dubai set to take over one of the World Islands and turn it into a party island

April 1st feels

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