ATTN: A Warning Has Been Issued For Six-Month Visa Holders Looking For A Job

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Anyone in the UAE who are on a six-month visa to find a job, have been advised a couple of things by The Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship.

According to The Khaleej Times, the authority has issued a detailed statement on specific regulations that come with the visa and that anyone who is in violation will be fined similar to how those with residency visas get fined.

So if you or someone you know is still looking for a job, keep on reading and pass this on.

A couple of tidbits to know:

  • The temporary visa was approved by the UAE's leaders so that people are allowed to legally stay in the country and seek jobs.
  • Those who are on the temporary 6-month visa do not need a sponsor. Similarly, they are also not made an exception to exemption or extension.
  • Avoid penalties! Once and if you have found a job, you need to transfer your residency under a sponsor or leave the country before the temp visa expires.
  • Ensure that you're on track with the validity of your visa for your wellbeing. Otherwise, a fine of AED100 will be imposed on the first day of violation, which then goes to AED25 every day (during the delay.)

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