This Bur Dubai Sports Bar Is Attempting A Guinness World Record

Wishing them luck


Dubai's resume boasts several records - tallest, biggest, first etc.

And now...a Dubai-based sports bar is attempting to break a world record title next month.

The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill, located at Citymax Al Barsha and Bur Dubai, is achieving to attempt the longest domino drop shot.

What is a domino drop shot?

It's a technique used to pour shots wherein a knock on the first glass has a domino effect on the rest. The result: you fill up multiple shot glasses at one go. It's pretty eye-catching.

What The Huddle needs to get right...

To earn this record, it needs to manage 6,000 drop shots. Currently, Señor Frogs, a bar in the Bahamas, has the record with 4,107 shots.

Note: entry to witness the above is by invitation only, but we will keep you posted on the result.

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