This BBQ Place Is Screening Classics Like American Pie and The Hangover This Summer

Claw 3

Claw is changing things around for movie buffs this summer. And for the better!

They're screening some amazing films every Sunday, starting 17 July, and to make it a little more fun, they're designing a special menu for each one. What’s special about it? Well, while items on the menu haven't been revealed yet, they're asking you to think food and beverages to match moments on the big screen. Guess we have to wait and watch!. Thankfully, they're throwing in some popcorn and candy floss as well, so it’s all good! 


The schedule:

  • 17 July – American Pie
  • 24 July – The Hangover
  • 31 July – Blues Brothers
  • 7 August – Clueless
Claw 2

The important bits:

  • Tickets are priced at AED 300 per person 
  • The show begins at 8pm
  • To book your space, email  

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