The 'Best Places To Drive' List Has Been Released And Dubai's Ranking Is Pretty Surprising

Very surprising in fact

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One of our favourite topics of conversation about UAE is its roads and drivers. Let us tell you why.

It is a conversation that gets extreme reactions. People are either very happy that they can take their fancy wheels for a spin or terrified for their life because their little car could be knocked out of the way by someone tailgating their a***.

These kind of convos make you wonder whether the roads you're driving on are really safe or not?

Waze has got the answer. 

The community based traffic and navigation app decided to quantify data through the Waze Driver Satisfaction Index. It analysed the driving experience of millions of monthly active Waze users in 38 countries and 235 metros to create a single numeric score. They focused on countries and metros with more than 20,000+ monthly active users to keep the data accurate.

UAE is the SIXTH best place to drive

We're just as surprised / shocked as you are!

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Image credit: Waze (Driver Satisfaction Index 2016)

Before you jump at us (or at Waze) and point out that we meet some pretty crazy drivers on the roads each day (or sometimes even more than once a day), let's clarify that the data Waze collected can't actually determine the skill or aggressiveness of drivers. It's based on factors such as traffic density, commute times, driver services and various other aspects.

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