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A Video Of Burj Khalifa Is Going Viral And Debate On Dubai Social Is In Overdrive!

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LOVING a mystery moment.

A reader shared a video with Lovin Dubai last night, we simply HAD to share it across social media and since then, it’s racked up thousands of views.

Footage shows the Burj Khalifa lit with The Phantom Of The Opera mask, as a HOLOGRAM emerges from the face of the iconic Downtown building and the comments range from simple disbelief, ‘Is it even real?’ to ‘Omg my fav show ever, so romantic’, so ALL we want to know is… Did you spot this?!

This is the video that got everyone talking

Facebook is also confused

With social media in a furore over what ACTUALLY happened, we’re here waiting on more info like…

This IS Dubai and surprises lurk around every corner, so we’re expecting (read: HOPING) this mystery will be solved with a big reveal any day now.

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