Careem's App Might Soon Be The Solution To Your Taxi Troubles In Dubai

Light at the end of the tunnel

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Don't get us started on how hard it can be to find a taxi to take us places. Yes, there are e-hailing services available, but some of us just might want a regular RTA taxi, right?

Thankfully someone understands our plight and getting from one place to another will become easy courtesy a new agreement signed between the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Careem.

Very soon you will be able to book Dubai taxis via Careem's app. Earlier on, only the limousines were available through Careem and they cost 30% more than regular taxis.

With this new agreement 9,841 taxis and 4,700 limousines will be available to Careem users...

This is great because it means shorter waiting time since there's more availability. It also means you can choose taxis with different fare structures (variety is the spice of spice of life, innit - okay excuse the lame comment). Plus, it benefits those visiting the city as well. If they're used to Careem's app, it saves them the trouble of downloading another one just for the duration of their stay here. It is best summed up as: convenient!

This is part of a larger plan...

Dubai is moving towards an integrated mobility platform. By next year, people will be able to access all transport services in the city through one platform. And Careem will be one of the service providers on there.

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