Chris Brown And Soulja Boy Boxing Fight Could Take Place In Dubai

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The personal feud between Chris Brown and SOULJA BOY has escalated beyond words and they've agreed to have a boxing fight. Never before have two celebrity artists had a boxing match that could potentially generate as much revenue and interest as a world title fight. It is said that they can't fight in the US and are looking for an overseas venue.  According to Hollywood celebrity news website TMZ, they want to have the fight in Dubai to make as much money as possible from Pay Per View TV. 

Soulja Boy says his beef with Chris Brown started over Rihanna.

Here is the full low down as to why the feud stared and how it's ended up with a fight

Soulja Boy says Chris Brown says there is no real beef and they are just promoting a fight

Chris Brown has got Mike Tyson to be his trainer... 

...and he's going to 'teach him every dirty trick in the book'

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