An Apology to Mr. Daniel Kinahan


On 15 July 2017, Lovin Dubai published an article titled "Notorious Irish Gangster Is Getting Married Today In The Burj Al Arab".

The article made reference to Mr. Daniel Kinahan and alleged that he was involved in an International drug syndicate.

Lovin Dubai unreservedly withdraws all allegations, either expressed or implied, in the article, which conveys any suggestion that Mr. Daniel Kinahan was involved in an alleged international drug syndicate. Lovin Dubai is not aware of any evidence that implicates Mr. Daniel Kinahan in the alleged international drug syndicate. Furthermore, as the article recognized, and we reiterate now, Mr. Kinahan has never been convicted of any criminal offence.

Lovin Dubai sincerely apologies to Mr. Daniel Kinahan, his wife and his family for any hurt, distress and embarrassment caused by the article.

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Lovin Dubai