This Year's Colour Run Just Got More Colourful - If That’s Even Possible

Vacation vibes

Colour Run

If you've been to The Color Run last year then we don't need to tell you why you need to go to this one.

The event is back (for the fourth year) and this time it's an out and out vacation. With a tropical theme in place for the 5km run, expect palm trees, pineapples, island-style music and vibrant colours - does that explain why it's more colourful than last year?

Tickets are now on sale here and we promise you there will be no better way to spend 12 November.

What you need to know about this year's event...

This purpose remains the same. The run still focuses on bringing the entire community (think old, think young) together to promote happiness and health. 

There will be colours thrown at you at each kilometre of this untimed run, so make sure you're dressed in white (it makes for some fab photo opps as well). It doesn't end there. After the run, there's a massive party for everyone. Save some energy for dancing and lots more colour throws.  

So put on your whites and off you go!

If you're still not this video

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