UAE Foreign Minister pledges US$137m to #SupportSyrians in 2016

London conference tackles the Syrian crisis

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World leaders have arrived in London today for a major summit on the Syria crisis. With approximately 13.5 million people in need of help within Syria and 4.6 million refugees this is a problem that the world needs to share and attempt to solve in some way.

The UK is co-hosting the conference with Germany, Kuwait, Norway and the UN and have called on other nations to show their support, a call that the UAE has answered.

In the last hour, it's been announced that the UAE Foreign Minister pledged $137million to help the #SupportSyrians campaign during 2016. He was joined by representatives from countries all over the world who have also pledged millions of dollars.

The funds that the conference raises will go towards providing food, water, shelter and medical care as well as resources to rebuild the lives of Syrians, including education for displaced children and job opportunities for refugees.

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David Cameron meets with Malala Yousafzai at the Syria Conference.

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Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan and UK minister Sajid Javid arrive at #supportsyrians

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