Everyone's Talking About A New Ramen Place In JLT And It Hasn't Even Opened Yet

Foodies already KNOW

​Daikan Ramen

Ramen has NEVER looked so good.

Seriously, there's big lot of buzz about a walk-in ramen spot and it hasn't even opened yet.


Because its sister spot in Germany is a MASSIVE hit.

Daikan Ramen is expected to open in mid August, it will serve up chicken paitan ramen and tapas style shareables, perfect for JLT lunchers...

It's a huge hit on Trip Advisor in the German city of Cologne

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Good food, low price

Screenshot 2018 08 09 13 06 13

As ramen goes, this DOES look pretty great

Tasty new lunch option for anyone in JLT


People are excitedddddd

Screenshot 2018 08 09 12 50 00


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