Dubai Comedy Fest Is Bringing Some Big Names...But Is It Bringing Some Controversy too?


Dubai is gearing up for a weekend filled with a lot of laughs...

Local and global acts are set to take the stage over the next 10 days and we can't wait to hear a few of the jokes they come up with!

Who's Preforming?

With big names such as South African comedian Trevor Noah and Brit comedian David Chapelle set to take the stage along with home-grown comic Ali Al Sayed and many more you're bound to find plenty of acts to enjoy.

And while it's fair to say these guys are hilarious, comedians have been known to push boundaries over the years and of course, these guys are no different.

Should we be covering our ears for this one?!

Trevor Noah has shared his fair share of controversial tweets in the we're interested to see what he'll come out with next Saturday.

For more information on the festival check out this site.


Here's a clip of him on a better day!

Although we think this bit about people obeying traffic lights does not really apply here in Dubai!

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