Emirati Lawyer Offered Barack Obama A Job In Dubai Via Twitter!

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You might remember that we recently wrote about the possibility of Barack Obama moving to Dubai next year when he steps down as POTUS in January. Well, now he has a brand new job offer to go with that lovely house thanks to Emirate lawyer Eisa Bin Haidar.

Bin Haidar, who already has well over 30K Twitter followers, tweeted Obama two days ago offering him a job in his well established law firm Bin Haidar Advocated and Legal Consultants. If you didn't already know, the US president graduated from the prestigious Harvard School of Law back in 1991.

“I understand that he will leave his work in the White House and I want him to get closely acquainted with the meaning of tolerance of Islam by accepting my offer. Muslims are not criminals and I want him to come and see Muslims and live between them here.

Bin Haidar

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