Dubai Municipality Have Cleared Up The Recent Chicken Nugget Issue

Foster Farms Breast Nuggets Frozen

Recently, a WhatsApp video clip went viral on social media. The video in question appeared to show whole chickens being minced during chicken nugget production.

In response to the video, Dubai Municipality's food safety department have issued a statement reassuring the public that all chicken nuggets in the UAE are safe to eat.

Khalid Sharif, director of the department, insisted that all production factories in the UAE are subject to rigorous food safety inspections and denied authenticity of the footage.

"There is no evidence of feathers or remnants of animal parts, because if you were grinding the whole chicken the product colour will not be white, as is the colour of chicken nuggets available in the market."

Khalid Sharif

Residents can verify the authenticity of rumours related to food products through the WhatsApp service of the municipality. 

Dubai Municipality WhatsApp number:  0501077799.

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