Dubai Police Have A Very Important Message For Residents For Ramadan

You can help too!


With the Holy Month of Ramadan just around the corner, Dubai Police have warned residents NOT to be fooled by fake beggars asking for money. We all know that many residents regularly contribute to charity and this act of generosity towards the less fortunate increases during the Holy Month. But Dubai Police is urging residents to be cautious of individuals taking advantage of this period. Here's what you need to know.

Col Mohammed Rashid bin Surei Al Muhairi, director of Tourism Police division at Dubai Police CID, states:

"The government of Dubai makes sure to take care of its citizens and residents and there are countless charity organisations whose goals are to help those in need."

He explains what happens when someone is caught begging…

"When beggars who are in fact in need of financial assistance are arrested, we refer them to relevant organisation, but if a person is not in need of money, then he/she, along with any money, will be transferred to public prosecution."

How might these beggars approach you?

  • By showing wounds which are actually fake but look quite real
  • By showing you broken limbs
  • Carrying oxygen masks
  • And even on social networking mediums like WhatsApp

Should you wish to donate this Ramadan...

Make sure you do it through registered charities in the city.

How can you help Dubai Police?

Report beggars to 0502106969 or 800–CID (800 243). You can also email the police:

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