Dubai Taxi Drivers To Undergo Mandatory Skill Testing

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As part of a new strategy which aims to bring happiness to people, The Roads and Transport Authority in partnership with the British Council are introducing new, mandatory skill testing for taxi drivers.

As a pre-requisite for obtaining a professional permit, taxi drivers will have to undergo language, psychological and behavioural tests.

 "The new standards will contribute to realising RTA's objective of reducing customers' complaints from taxi drivers to 1 per cent per 100,000 km. The RTA has managed to reduce it from 2.7 per cent in the past to 1.4 per cent per 100,000km up to now."

"Based on the new amendments introduced to the taxi-drivers recruitment system, applicants must fulfill certain conditions such as the basic knowledge of English Language, in addition to the new standards where applicants are subjected to five tests as part of psychological and behavioral tests, which represent the core of the agreement."

Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO RTA Public Transport Agency

No doubt, this is a great source of comfort to Dubai residents who can now be even more confident that their taxi drivers know exactly where they're going.

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