DXB Has Hit Record Passenger Traffic - People Can't Get Enough Of Dubai

And we've listed some of the best reasons why

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The number of passenger traffic visiting Dubai International Airport has risen significantly in the past month. 

The Bangkok Business Post reported yesterday that DXB is officially the world's busiest airport for international travel; as the number of passengers jumped 14% from last year and the airport achieved it's all time monthly record of 7.6 million travellers this July (and this was during our hottest month!)

It's easy to see why...

In the last seven months, there has been a steady increase of passenger traffic in the region, which has amassed to a total of 7 % rise. With constant development, an ever-changing architectural landscape, new parks, resorts and tourism attractions, it's easy to see why tourists around the world continue to choose Dubai. 

Here are some of Dubai's most-visited tourist attractions

Dubai Creek

Deira Souk

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The Burj Khalifa

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Dubai Mall and it's various attractions

Dubai Museum

Atlantis The Palm

Burj Al Arab

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Dubai Marina

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