Lebanese Singer Elissa Reveals Her Battle With Breast Cancer In A Just Released Music Video

Millions of fans are reeling after the shock announcement

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On Tuesday, international artist Elissa revealed her battle and journey with breast cancer.

The award-winning musician revealed her struggles in her latest music video, and took to her Instagram account to break the news to her almost ten million followers.

"This music video shouldn’t make you cry. It’s a reason to smile, be happy, and grateful. We can fight cancer if we know about it in eary stages. I love you all"

Her latest single 'Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni' portrays her secret battle with breast cancer

And the accompanying music video details the journey, starting with an MRI scan, radiotherapy and how she continued her work as a recording artist.

The video has 2.8 million views in just one day

People jumped to share the love right back with the beautiful singer

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The singer recently attended Cesc Fabregas' wedding celebrations - pictured with top footballer Messi

She called the Ibiza wedding a 'DREAM' to attend

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