Emirates Expects To Hand Out One MILLION Dates This Ramadan

The beginning of the Holy Month is nearly upon us!

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The beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan is not far off (it's expected to begin on May 5) which means many businesses are gearing up for a change in service.

Whether it's a restaurant that won't open until sunset, shorter working hours or an airline that alters its service to cater for fasting passengers.

And Dubai's own Emirates which offers a signature Ramadan service expects to serve up a whopping one million dates as part of that.

Dates are handed out during iftar and suhoor which Emirates offers throughout the Holy Month

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Emirates uses the aircraft’s longitude, latitude and altitude to calculate imsak

Imsak describes the correct time to break fast and the airline ensures the greatest level of accuracy possible for passengers. The captain on board informs passengers and iftar can begin.

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If you're travelling during the Ramadan expect especially created iftar meals

Plus relevant programming and the distribution of dates and water on board/

Along with the one mill dates, the airline expects to serve 150,000 iftar boxes which feature a nutritional way to break your fast including couscous salad & grilled chicken or moudardara and roasted chicken, sandwiches, spinach fatayer or tomato and onion fatayer, assorted sweets, dates, laban and water.

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