Etihad Launch New 360 Video Featuring Nicole Kidman And It's Incredible

After releasing a trailer for their new commercial one month ago, Etihad yesterday launched 'Reimagine', a new virtual reality film staring Nicole Kidman. The commercial is not only unique in it's length, it is five minutes long, it also features all the latest social media technology in a 360 video where users can rotate the video for a fully immersive look inside the Airbus A 380 and engage with the story being told. They also used Facebook Live to discuss the making of the campaign at their headquarters in Abu Dhabi yesterday. It's all part of a virtual reality push by Etihad. 

Etihad hosted a live Facebook chat in their Abu Dhabi HQ to discuss the making of the feature length comercial 

"The film is a culmination of Etihad’s vision to tell the airline’s story in an extremely innovative way and a commitment to engaging with the public as has never been attempted by an airline before. It was a great challenge but one which has definitely paid off and it was great to be part of such an exciting project"

Nicole Kidman

The first Nicole Kidman 'Reimagined' TV commercial for Etihad a year ago has received over 5m views on YouTube

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