EXCLUSIVE: Burj Al Arab is to set sail

Finally, secret expansion plans are revealed and the Burj will become a mobile hotel

Floating Burj

There's been much secrecy involved in the expansion plans around Burj Al Arab, for the last few months, and we can finally reveal what they've been hiding.

It's hard to believe, but the Burj, which is shaped like a huge sail, will indeed be setting sail in the next few weeks. The initial plans had been for it to set sail on 1st April 2016, but it seems some fool messed things up, the departure has now been delayed.

Engineers have come up with an extraordinary plan to remove the structure from the ground and lift it onto a hovercraft-style floating platform. This will enable the Burj to become a mobile hotel. A strong offshore wind will be required to create enough uplift but the shape of the Burj, being designed like a dhow sail, makes it ideal for navigating the Arabian Gulf.

It's such exciting news, we can hardly believe it, it's like someone is having us on. The hotel's maiden voyage will be to Dubai Creek, where it will be met by a host of celebrities including Lady Gaga, who will sing upon the arrival of the mobile hotel.

Here's what the hotel will look like with its huge hover system and propellors...

Floating Burj

This next sketch shows that the original design concept came from a dhow boat's sail...

Burj Original

Plans that show how the Burj will use wind power to create momentum

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