This Is EVERYTHING You Need To Know About EXO's Trip To Dubai Next Week

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Never before has a bands impending arrival to Dubai caused such a fuss.

Seriously, one tweet about EXO, a Korean supergroup, will get you hundreds, if not thousands of retweets (well, it did for us anyway).

6.5k likes for an announcement tweet on Lovin Dubai? Not even the Biebs racks up  that kind of engagement...

EXO is coming, and fans are VERY excited

And now we can reveal more...

Their hit song ‘Power’ will be performed for the first time EVER at Dubai Fountains

It goes like this

It's the first time a K Pop song has been added to the world famous Dubai Fountain playlist

And it's happening on January 16, from 5.30 pm

See you there

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Casey Fitzgerald

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