Facebook is uniting India and Pakistan...all in the name of cricket

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If you've left the house since last week, and walked past a venue (restaurant/bar/cafe) with a telly, you'll have seen a huddle of people gathered around, watching some cricket. You haven't? Well, the fuss is all about the 2016 ICC World Twenty20, just the biggest cricket tournament of the year, which is being held in India...right now.

The tournament sees 16 teams from all over the world compete for the title, amongst those are the cricket-loving nations of India and Pakistan. Although rivals for the title, the fans have been using Facebook to show their allegiance to each other's countries after some political unrest between the nations.

This comes after Facebook created a 'profile picture frame' for fans all over the world to show support for their team, it basically frames your profile pic with some pretty colours and the name of the country you support. But Indian and Pakistani fans have taken it one step further by framing their profile pictures with the other country's frame option.

The social media movement has also coined the 'profile for peace' hashtag. With many fans saying they hope their governments see that people in both countries are unified.

The change over of profile pics hasn't gone unnoticed by Mr. Facebook, Mark Zukerberg himself, who wrote about it on his Facebook page (see below).

It's great to see this positive use of Social media. 

India play Pakistan this Saturday at 6pm (Gulf standard time) don't miss it!

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