THIS JUST IN: Following The Traffic Rules Could Cut Your Fines In Half

...The Year of Tolerance has done us so much good thus far :')

Dubai Traffic Fines

Do you have a HEFTY load of traffic fines to pay?

Well, thanks to the Dubai Police's recent initiatives, those thousand dirham fines could be cut into half or completely let go if you follow one SIMPLE rule.

You can now settle your traffic fines just by following the rules of the road

So if you follow traffic rules accordingly and drive carefully without accumulating any fines for 3 months, you get rewarded with a 25% reduction off of your tickets, following the rules for SIX months takes out half of the ticket prices.

Wait, it doesn't even stop there.

If you're a goodie goodie driver and follow ALL traffic rules for nine months, 75% of your fine will be taken out and if you continue this for a whole year, then you pay NONE.

Yep, you heard it, all of your fines could be depleted.

People are absolutely loving the new initiative

Thanks to The Year Of Tolerance for bringing about this initiative, it has proven itself effective and life-changing not just for the city of Dubai but even for the community.

Residents are all praise for the continuous developments that take place in Dubai on the daily.

Dubai is always one step ahead of the game

'We thank the Dubai Police for this amazing initiative. It demonstrates the strength and cohesion of the Dubai Police within members of its community.'

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