The Region's First Indoor Video Game Park Opens In Citywalk And It's Pretty Crazy

It will keep you entertained for hours


Gaming enthusiasts have a new hangout in town and it's called Hub Zero.

Located in Citywalk, the two-storey venue (15,000 square meters in size) is home to 18 attractions, perfect for adults and children. 

These experiences have been created in partnership with game developers such as Electronic Arts, Capcom, Microsoft and Square Enix.

What to expect?

Intense gameplay, loud noises and explosions, simulated gunfire, as well as strobe and fire effects. Pretty crazy huh?

The attractions include...

Laser tag, interactive dark rides, a virtual cave, high-tech driving simulators, a double laser maze, soccer simulator, 3D immersion tunnel, 4D cinema, a thrill robot coaster and high speed rotating ride with zero gravity effect. 

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Plus, they have...

An adventure climbing zone, a LAN gaming area with 70 stations including eight private suites. There are pool and billiard tables, private karaoke rooms, a retro arcade and cafes. You can comfortably spend the day there.

Other highlights include...

Groups of five should check out Battlefield: Armoured Assault

Plants vs. Zombies is perfect for kids

The adventurous lot will enjoy Hero Zone

Gears of War: Laser Siege is ideal for large numbers (at least 24 people)

The attraction that's made for toddlers is Tiny Track Racers

Double Agent is apt for extremely active people

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The important bits:

You can pay as you go along. Ride rates range from AED 5 to AED 50.

Passes are priced at:

AED 160 for recruit pass which gives you single access to 
14 attractions on ground floor

AED 210 for master pass which gives you (unlimited access to 14 attractions on ground floor

AED 260 for hacker pass which gives you unlimited access in VIP category

Note: passes are not available yet.

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