The Most EXTRA News This Week: Dubai Has A Floating Supermarket For Yachts And Jet Skiiers

Because Dubai, that's why

Aqua Pod Plus Burj Khalifa Skyline

Carrefour UAE has just announced that it has launched a floating supermarket, and yup, it's just that.

The buoyant Carrefour will be floating to serve Dubai yachts, jet skiiers and beach goers as the world's first 'sail-thru supermarket'.

It will sell more than 300 items including hot and cold snacks and will even use aqua-pods to deliver stuff to people on the beach.

It'll be open six days per week, anchored at sea, and migrate between Kite Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach and Al Sufouh Beach.

Download the Aqua Pod app for deliveries. (D'oh).

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