One Of The UAE Mobile Networks Has A FREE App That Gets You The Best Roaming Rates - Are You With Etisalat Or Du?


If you've ever used the roaming option on your phone then you very well know what a nightmare those bills can be. 

However, that's changing with the introduction of the roaming Callback App. This free-to-download app from Google Play and Apple store allows users to make international calls at a flat rate. The catch: it's exclusive to Etisalat users (no we didn't say anything about changing telecom providers).


The flat rate of AED 3 per minute means potential savings of 77%

The app works for calls made within the country of visit, the home country, and even other countries.

Download and install the app, then select a contact from your contact list and make a call normally. A pop-up will notify you about receiving an incoming call from Etisalat, showing your own number. Accept this call to connect you immediately with the desired destination/number.

For those not using Android or Apple...

They can still make outgoing roaming call at a discounted rate by dialing *145*(number with international dialing code)#OK.

Etisalat says...

The roaming call back service is automatically available for all Etisalat postpaid and prepaid customers and there is no opt-in required.

Get more info. on this all here.

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