There Is FREE Wi-Fi For Everyone In Dubai This Eid So No Excuses Not To Text Back!

Because all good things in life are free

Wifi Signal

You know those types of people who always beg their friends for their Wi-Fi password or ask the servers at restaurants access to the Wi-Fi even before they’ve order their meal? Well, if you're one of those, there's good news for you. 

Etisalat is offering residents FREE (yes, we said free) Wi-Fi from tomorrow until 17 September. Basically you're sorted through the Eid break.

All you need is a UAE mobile number...

And you'll be able to use the high-speed public Wi-Fi service. It's available across 300 popular locations in the country including restaurants and malls. 

It's pretty simple to use. Just connect to the 'UAE WiFi by Etisalat' option and after you register (it's a one-time affair), Etisalat will send you an SMS with a PIN number. Use your mobile number as the login and the PIN number as the password and Wi-Fi is all yours.

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