PROUD: The First Emirati Animation FREEJ Is Now Being Broadcasted In Japan

Support your local talent


It's no surprise how creative the Emirati community is: several artworks displayed around the UAE is testament to its thriving talent- continuously emerging.

Freej is also being dubber in Japanese and has already screened its first episode in Japan on April 2.

This is why support for local talent is important as it empowers the nation as a whole. Emirati Mohammed Saeed Harib, took the cartoon to the land of the rising sun on January.

This is the first time an Arab content from the region to go to Japan- wow!

One step towards showcasing more Emirati talent and content to the rest of the world.


Freej is a show that portrays the lives of four Emirati women living in an undisturbed neighborhood in new Dubai

Its main characters consist of Um Saeed, Um Saloon, Um Allawi and Um Khammas- who convene daily with a cup of coffee to tackle social issues that concern them.

How cool is this?

It will be dubbed in Japanese, to cater to the audience but it's original recording was done in Arabic.

If you live in Dubai, you may find Freej's movie characters familiar

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