It's Pay Day, It's The Weekend AND Fuel Prices Just Got Cheaper For August


If you own a car, there's good news for you.

The Ministry of Energy has announced that fuel prices for the month of August will be reduced. The new prices will come into effect on 1 August.

Just in case you're a bit clueless about the rates, this will help:

Super 98 - AED 1.73 per litre (it's AED 1.88 this month)

Special 95 - AED 1.62 per litre (it's AED 1.77 this month)

E Plus 91 - AED 1.55 per litre (it's AED 1.70 this month)

Diesel - AED 1.76 per litre (it's AED 1.85 this month)

Last July, the Ministry of Energy had liberalised fuel prices. This was to reduce emissions and encourage people to use public transport. The prices are pegged to average global prices with the addition of transportation, distribution and operating costs, and can increase or decrease each month. 

Pic credit: ENOC

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