It's 'The Dress' All Over Again: This Is The Sound That's Driving Dubai CRAZY

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You know when you have a word on the tip of your tongue, but you can't quite remember what it is?

THAT's the feeling you get when you hear this.

Like the infamous white and gold dress, this sound has Dubai going nuts trying to figure it out.

It's all part of the 'Golden Sound' - new clues to help you figure it out get released all day on Virgin Radio... The jackpot started at AED10k and it's slowly but surely making its way towards that beaut AED50k, hence the rush to figure it out!

Hear the sound, get through to Virgin Radio, guess correctly and you could win 50k

People, PLEASE take note of these incorrect guesses

TOO many people call and try and use the same guessed...such a waste of a valuable guess!

Metal rods from the Turkish ice cream


Hula hoop tossed over a cone

The paddle and bell when making Turkish ice cream

Dropping a ball on a plate


Candy Ball coming out of a candy ball vending machine

2-inch metal pipe hitting the ground

A scoop and spade when making an ice cream roll

An icing bag

A flagpole falling over

Ice falling into a glass

Metal bat hitting the floor

Teardrop spoons from Tavola dropping on the floor

Weightlifting Rod hitting the ground at a gym

When you sip from a straw in a glass with ice and water

A whip around the Lovin office and we reckon it sounds like a golf ball dropping into a hole

You can hear the sound on Virgin Radio. Turn it on!

Everyone in the office trying to get through to Virgin like

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