Google’s New Video Calling App Isn’t Available In The UAE But People Have Found These Clever Ways Around It

Block or no block


Google’s answer to Skype and FaceTime is its latest video chatting app Duo.

There has been debate around whether this app will be available in the UAE or not given that similar services have been restricted by the Telecom Regulatory Authority. While most label it as being ‘blocked’, the authority states that third party apps have no regulatory licence to run VoIP services.

But here's what you need to know about Duo...

Duo is a free video chatting app...

It works on phones that run on Google’s Android system and Apple’s iPhones. In short: it’s a simple and reliable way to connect with people. Previously Google has been offering video calling through its Hangout feature which is now being tailored for businesses. 

What makes it different from Skype or FaceTime?

It’s Knock Knock feature. It enables recipients to see who is calling them and if they want to answer the call. Unlike most of the other services where both the caller and recipient need to have account logins to use the app, Duo only requires a person’s phone number to be listed in the contacts.

Is it available in the UAE?

Currently it is not available on the UAE App Store and a search on Google Play Store lists it as ‘coming soon’. However, if you have access to any other accounts such as the US App Store, the app can be downloaded. For those who've managed a download, they describe it as reliable and state that the quality of video calls is much better.

This is what Reddit users have to say about their experience with Duo...


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