Have 'hoverboards' really been banned in Dubai?

They've been dividing the Emirate (and the world) for months

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Watching hoverboard fails on Youtube...hilarious! Jogging slowly behind one while out on a fast run...infuriating. Love them or hate them...we're sorry to say that this two-wheeled sensation might be on its...erm, last legs.

Dubai has followed the likes of New York, the UK, Hong Kong and New South Wales, Australia by banning the self-balancing scooters in public. The change to the law in Dubai comes after a man died last month.

Dubai Municipality revealed new guidelines on what's acceptable yesterday and while you can still use them in the privacy of your own home, public areas are out. Anyone caught breaking the rules will have their hoverboard confiscated.

Sultan Al Suwaidi, deputy head of the municipality’s Public Health and Safety Department told Gulf News: “The rules state that hoverboards should only be used in designated areas, which means that they are allowed on cycling tracks in parks and anywhere else that allow skateboards or bicycles.”

Bad news for anyone who may have just treated themselves to one of the scooters, worry not...this will make you laugh. Mike Tyson's hoverboard fail is still our favourite...

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