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A High Heat Alert Has Been Announced As Weather Is Expected To Reach 50 Degrees

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UPDATE: The source of this news has been confirmed to be a hoax that is being shared across WhatsApp, and has been going on since last summer. A follow-up article announcing this has been written. Thank you.

It’s about to get hot in the UAE, like real hot- hotter than hot.

Apologies for having said the word one too many times, but in a document released by the Civil Defense and the Ministry of Health- residents are being advised to take precaution as the weather is expected to reach between 47 to 50 degrees over the next few days.

Be cautious, folks.

A list of things to keep note of to combat the extreme weather in the next few days…

  1. Remove a few items in your vehicle, such as:

Gaseous substances, lighters, soft drinks, perfumes and battery devices.

2. Stay away from the sun exposure between 10am-3pm.

3. Drink plenty of water and fluids.

4. Do not fill the tires too much.

Read the rest below…

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You got this, folks

Desert babies got this.

READ about how Dubai residents are coping with the summer heat

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