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This Hotel On The Palm Has Just Been Announced As One Of The Most Instagrammed Hotels In The World

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Hotels have ratings. They can be four star, five star, (or even seven star if they’re super duper fancy) and hotels can boast, and up prices depending on that rating.

But these days, what’s a more deserving accolade? A couple of stars on a gold embossed plaque? Or the most Instagram tags of 2016? Clearly the latter. Because if someone goes to the trouble of telling Instagram where they’re staying at, it usually means that hotel must be pretty great. 

Which is why we weren’t totally shocked when this Dubai hotel made the list

The Atlantis on the Palm came in at number four on the list. If you ask us, it was a pretty obvious pick in the list of top 10 places for Instagram’s ‘flashback Friday,’ where they review and post the top hashtags of the year gone by. 

Take a look at the rest of the list in descending order…

(Most of these are in Vegas, so we’re pretty chuffed with the Atlantis position on this list)

10. The Venetian Macao – the closet thing you’ll get to Venice in the Far East

9. Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel – You haven’t partied until you’ve visited this spot

8. Wynn Las Vegas – Worth blowing your gratuity on this five star hotel? ABSOLUTELY.

7. Fontainebleau Miami Beach – Holiday goals right there

6. Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino – Looks like Paris, but lives in Vegas

5. Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas – Live like Caesar himself at this regal hotel

4. Atlantis The Palm, Dubai – Sure it’s only our local and it’s number four!!

3. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas- You don’t even need a filter for this spot

2. W New York Times Square – we reckon the newly opened W in Dubai will top this list next year

1. MGM Grand La Vegas – there’s a lot more than sleeping done at this hotel

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