The 'Dubai Clock' Priced At A Staggering AED700,000 Has Been Unveiled

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The AED700,000 'Dubai Clock' was announced this week.

Unlike the 'Dubai Frame' or 'Ain Dubai' the clock can be replicated and used indoors or outdoors, in hotels, parks, or anywhere you like really.

It's three metres tall and according to Amjad Al Haj, the architect behind the sculpture “the name Dubai Clock has been derived as a symbol and a reminder of the city of Dubai,” and he's hoping it will showcase it at high-end venues and hotels in Dubai.

The stunning design was unveiled at Dubai Hotel Show this week

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The clock should give a 'unique feel' to where ever it finds a home

And at AED700,000 a pop, you would certainly expect it to feel unique. Made from glass and steel, the designer says this is just a prototype, it could be made on a much larger scale if needed.

Ahmad explains the 'time-piece sculpture'

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